As 2016 comes to a nearing end, we are beginning to witness the end of e-mailing. Shocker, right? Not when you think about the digital era we are currently living in. With the progression of digital communication and social media, messenger apps have started to replace the ancient ways of communication. One app specifically that companies should start utilizing is “Slack”.

Slack is an app that was built to create efficient communication within teams and workplaces. Emailing is such a long, tiring process where you are constantly trying to stay updated with everyone on the team and things get lost in translation. With Slack, everyone on your team is in the app, making it easy to communicate due to the direct messaging feature. Creating channels within the app is how you stay updated with projects and coworkers progression. There are public channels that your entire team can see, or private channels that you can select who you want to have access. You can create channels on anything you would like, ranging from news, to releases, to analytics, team meetings and many other options. All of your company’s important information is placed in one app, with a search bar to help you find anything you need. It can’t get much better than that. By integrating Slack into your teams workplace, you will see forward progression in the amount of work getting done.

Slack uses Cloud technology to allow users to access their team information from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can access the app using your iPad, iPhone, Android devices, your desktop, or anywhere you can access an internet browser! Stop making things harder on yourself by communicating via email and get up to date with Slack.

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